Our Aim:

To promote the well-being, education and health of children in impoverished communities.

What We Do:

We establish and maintain healthy play-spaces and supervised play programs.

We train specialists to establish and run sustainable play programs.

We promote locally produced culturally appropriate equipment and creative materials for good play.

We raise awareness among policy makers, service providers and civil society that play is essential for successful childhood development.

Why Play Is Important:

Is play really such a serious matter, when there are still hungry children in the world?

Of course food and basic health care must come first. But if we provide only that, how can these children become happy and clever adults, able to take initiatives and improve their life?

Play is serious business for children; it is the way they learn to master their environment. If everything else is right in their lives, they will always find a way to play. But in conditions of poverty, illness or misfortune, they need some help. They don’t need elaborate equipment, but they need the right atmosphere, encouragement, and at least a few simple materials.

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