Our Current Projects:

Pediatric Hospital Playrooms and Play Programs

We maintain five playrooms in pediatric hospital wards in Buenos Aires. This is our oldest project, having functioned successfully for 25 years. In June of 2004 the Canadian Embassy in Argentina gave a 25th anniverary party for the playroom coordinators and other members of the”Juego y Vida” association which oversees the hospital play programs.

Escuela Activa In Peru

Innovative Practices in the Care of Children at Risk

We have been a partner in an important project with CIDA funding, called “Innovative Practices in the Care of Children at Risk: Argentine and Canadian NGO’s learn together”. The aim of this project, now most finished, is to provide training, play equipment and an exchange of expertise with a network of day care centres in a poor suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Peru Playroom

In 2004 Child Play International inaugurated a supervised playroom for children in a neighbourhood called “El Planeta” in Lima. Peru. The playroom serves children in a nearby shelter for abused women, and lots of other neighbourhood children.