Local Manufacture of Simple Toys

Child Play International promotes local manufacture of home-made toys, by women or men.


Child Play International reminds local people of classic play things which can be made anywhere, such as beanbags. Targets like these beanbag-devouring animal heads are also easy to make.


This is a Child Play International workshop. Local women in Argentine already have sewing skills, and are pleased to try out our rag doll parttern.


The Argentine women enjoy putting their skills to use for the benefit of children.


Knitting is another way of making soft toys for young children. Many women in Latin America have a faster way of knitting than we do. Once she was shown the pattern, the Argentine lady in the picture below very quickly made this bear, similar to the one promoted by ‘Doctors without Borders’, but personalized by her. Lots more bears soon appeared in the neighbourhood!


One of the early childhood education specialists among the members of Child Play International (the one who carried out the training in Argentina!) suggested also expanding the doll patterns to child size. This proved to be a big success.


The big cloth dolls proved to be pleasing to children of all ages, and not hard to make.


Here is the president of Child Play International in Argentina, sharing the pattern for the large dolls.