Play-based Learning

hild Play International encourages a free play style of preschool education, in which the children have a choice of activities. For this, of course, they need a variety of materials, which we help them to obtain or make.


These little Argentine girls are enjoying the domestic corner of a play-centred nursery school program. Here they imitate their mothers, preparing an infusion of “yerbamate”.


These children are playing with water — an element available for play almost everywhere, but often not used in this way. Child Play International encourages the appropriate use of water and sand.


Painting should be a regular part of preschool and school programs, but in some places there is no local source of inexpensive water-soluble paint in bright colors. In the Argentine project we decided to encourage this kind of creativity by sending Canadian tempera paints in powdered form, along with good brushes and no-spill paint pots.